2019 Real Money Method Review

2019 Real Money Method is based upon generating income by making blogs and using traffic from three sources.

Search Engine Traffic

Facebook Ads and


This method will give you step by step instruction using real case studies; starting from how to setup a blog, write an article, find zero competition keywords and then rank them hassle-free.

The product contains 5 PDF’S and every PDF has been written in a nice & easy to understand format.

This is nicely compiled product which actually explains the method using the Real Life Case Studies.

 This shows that the seller has implemented the methods which he talks in the guides.

The Contents of this Product 

Main Guide

Blog Template

Pop On Click Scripts

Pinterest guide

Facebook guide

The main guide is over 106 pages long and explains the concept very clearly It is divided into 3 chapters. 

The Introduction where he talks and gives some niches and sub-niches with sites examples.

The second chapter is the essential ( Keyword Research).

He explains the method in a very cleaver way with zero competition.

In the main keyword research, the seller explains you step by step with screenshots for every niche.

How to find the niche and the entire process for every niche.

Finding Keywords in TV/Movies Niche

Finding Keywords in Sports Niche

Finding Keywords in Video Games Niche 

Overall, In the main guide he shows how to choose profitable niche with good monthly search volume and 0 competition keyword. He target mainly 2 Niche, he cleverly choose the Zero competition keywords.

He also shows the complete post format and how to setup website in a very detailed way.

Even he also shows the monetization technique and which Google Adsense ads will better performs.

He also shows the case study for his own two websites. That will help you to understand better.

So, the Main guide have lots of good information including keyword research, website setup and google ads placement. Nicely explained everything one can understand easily. Here You can learn the new keyword research method and its very unique and you also learn some good ads placement.

Further down, the guide explains about the Facebook ads and Pinterest methods.

The Facebook guide gives fresh insights on what can be done to maximize your earnings and minimize CTC in facebook. He shows the case study which ads in facebook perform better. This guide is very important to anyone who want to run facebook ads in any niche.

Pinterest gives you unique opportunity, not only it has grown to be one of the top social platforms.

The Pinterest boards of different niche get ranked better than any other social platform on Google search engine, Providing immense potential and it will keep growing as INTERNET grows.

This method does not involves follow/unfollow, schedule pinning or use of bots and no employing of any advertisement.

This guide will help you grow your account from scratch easily using trending keywords and by applying special tricks explained in this guide.

This method is proven and is not by accident, The product seller claims that he has used this method to grow almost a dozen accounts, and it worked each & every time.

Blog Template : He also give the information about which themes and plugins he used for his main website.

Custom Script : He give some good script with complete tutorial how to implement this on your website and bring traffic to your website from social media.

This method depends upon trending topics. Each day hundreds of such topics are generated, these topics can also be classified by countries. Hence it is very difficult for this method to get saturated, the potential is immense .

Remember this.. you have to invest some bucks to earn some. It will takes sometime for Implementation. The keyword research portion will take much more time if you are newbie. But, Once you start implementing every thing on daily basis you will complete in less than one month.

Overall, if someone actually implements it, they will be successful for sure. It’s all about taking action. Most people download Junk from the Internet all day and then fail to take action. This guide is well worth your investment and if implemented correctly, you can actually make good money with these methods.

Actually, I am Planning to give some mystery bonuses to anyone who buys this product by clicking the link below.

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